Mothers pour their blood and guts into mothering while teaching their children to be grateful to fathers.Father brings home the bacon. Father is such…


Caitlin Johnstone is simply the best blogger in the world.

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How to Fight the Present Global Scare

So here is what I am doing to fight the coronavirus scare. Please note I emphasize the word scare because this is not a true pandemic. I go out every day into the ghost-town that my little hamlet of Ashland has become and connect with every single person I possibly can, whether on the street or in the limited number of establishments still open.

The importance of connecting with other human beings cannot be underestimated especially at this time because the effects of isolation on the human spirit and intelligence are devastating. When we are made to feel that we cannot grow together, spend time together, or safely develop deeper social intercourse, the very fabric of society has failed. Pandemic or not, and at this point it is definitely not — people need people.

It is the Spring equinox 2020 and everyone in my town, and I mean everyone, perhaps 97% of the population, are sequestered in their homes due to an irrational fear of pandemic which is really only a minor element that can be easily addressed by good hygiene and immune system support. However, since everyone is stretched to the absolute breaking-point already in our civilization, it didn’t take much to push us all right over the edge.

As this document is drafted, I am lounging in the lobby of our most luxurious local hotel, feeling like the entire town belongs to me. Recently, I was wandering the streets in stark defiance of the ban on social interactions, yelling at the top of my lungs that iconic line from the start of Monty Python‘s Holy Grail, “Bring out your dead!“

Were we to understand the absolute farce and fallacy of this entire social engineering exercise, then we would find this terribly funny. Yet if we take offense at it in any way, we have not only lost the capacity for humorous self-critique, we are all thoroughly programmed by fear and ready to abandon our humanity without compunction.

We must not trade perspective for security. Let’s do a recap on how many people are in crisis on this planet right now. Venezuela, Russia, Iran, China are all under crippling sanctions by the United States and its allies.

Over 60-million people are now refugees from the wars in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and the African nations. Unlawful Coups-d’Etat are being actively and openly pursued against Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela and has already been perpetrated against Evo Morales in Bolivia.

Over a half-dozen countries have been in outright revolt against the dominant paradigm for close to a year and repressive measures have been used from Hong Kong to Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Israel is one of the most glaring examples of state-sponsored terrorism today (under-written explicitly by the United States foreign-policy juggernaut), yet of course this is a highly-charged issue as the Palestinians are considered second-class citizens by most of the world because their cause has not been championed. Instead, Israel has been allowed to run roughshod over their human rights in stark defiance of numerous UN Resolutions.

The decimation of the middle-class by neoliberal conservatism has for the last 20-years been extraordinarily effective at wiping-out American savings and increasing public debt to record levels. The world markets are in freefall not only because of the pandemic scare but because of underlying weaknesses in the economy that were already showing themselves prior to this event.

“Mosaic Warfare” is now being developed by the Pentagon which means they intend to fight on a multi-polar battlefront throughout the world as it deteriorates into ‘post-primacy‘ chaos. Indeed, it is arguably the agenda of nefarious entities in the Military-Industrial Complex to derive enormous short-term benefit from plunging us all into a Third World War. Indeed, this is how industry typically and historically behaves: amorally bankrupt of all humanity, and for pure private gain. Now of course, private gain itself is an ominously grave illusion.

The militarization of police forces throughout the United States with weapons and tools used to suppress the Palestinian people themselves in Israel suggests that Orwell should’ve been taken seriously. Without being prolix, control-structures cannot ever do anything but tighten their strictures and enforce obediance to the dictates of hyper-materialism… simply because the Empire’s survival is threatened by anything other than a psychically and emotionally contracted populace. We are meant to do one thing only and that is produce goods and services for the macro-economy. There is no other purpose for humanity at this stage of the globalist game.

Now of course democracy depends entirely on social intercourse. We’ve already seen social media is so manipulated that it is deepening the divide between intellectuals and ideologues, politically savvy and ignorant, so called progressive and conservative individuals whose world continues to be utterly shaped by false or incomplete memes foisted upon them by the daily news cycle. This cycle is driven not by truth but by consensus reality, a backwater of dark notions that is so toxically stagnant as to be anything but life affirming. It is a fact that less than 10% of the entire world population knows anything about what’s truly happening behind the world stage. My colleague, Julian Assange, is right now in jail because he tried to draw back the curtain. The purpose of the apocalypse itself is to reveal what was hidden.

If this isn’t the apocalypse, I don’t know what it is. So, do you want to listen to your masters and hide away your love and light from the community at a time when it is most needed? Is that really the voice you want in your head at a time of great release from the mass-delusion that is so-called society?

Of course, I have been mostly released from this delusion for some years, yet now this condition is permanent and I can see I am one of the very very few who really believe in humanity. I’m out here on the streets instead of hiding behind a screen or a locked door. I have no such bourgeois luxuries because my soul requires human contact and I have not learned to divorce myself from the limbic field of rich, resonant connection with my fellow beings.

Social media will not do it for me. It has become an Orwellian farce because now we can see the mass of humanity is as easily programmed as a computer. Everything that comes across the little screen is God‘s word and we doubt not any of it except in our hearts. Yet we have no courage to act on what we know to be true — that the world’s so-called leaders are really puppet-masters in a great charade making all of us into kindergarten children sitting obediently in homeroom while our lessons are prepared for us.

To prepare ourselves for an extended period of top-down control and fear-mongering, one must adopt the Eastern policy and practice of Taoism. This is essentially rooted in the power of non-doing. The Tao does suggest we should not oppose reality with our will, yet our masters are surely doing this to us. One must be completely centered in surrender to not let them under our skin for one-second with their paradigm of debilitation and disease. These malevolent, paralyzing memes are being fed you and you are accepting them, which is the real virus in the matrix.

You are inseparable from Cosmic Safety and Security. It has always been this way.

So why all the hullabaloo???

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How the Political-Media Class Has Brought Civilization Low

A new McCarthyism now prevails in the closing media environment that dominates fully 90% of all human attention with corporate-captured media memes that do not serve humanity, yet strive continuously to drag us into the pit of Sheol.

Outside the walls of ancient Jerusalem was a place where all the dead bodies and refuse of the society that ignited our current geopolitical crisis would be  unceremoniously deposited. This putrid pit was nicknamed Sheol after an ancient place name in Hebrew mythology akin to the underworld.

Indeed underworld forces are now working very strongly upon the psyche of America as we approach its Pluto return. In astrology, a dubious science to some, there are parallels with myth that are extremely important for our civilization to recognize and embrace. Pluto brings with it revolution. Always has, always will. The fact that America is about to experience its Pluto return means we’re in for a rough ride.

Not only is this occurring at the same time America has found itself over $100 trillion in debt due to various forms of chicanery and professional misaccounting/misappropriation of funds, the greatest debtor nation on earth now runs roughshod over the rights of everyone else. This is precisely why the political-media class has elected, by necessity, to inflict upon the human mind a uniquely damaging brand of propaganda that makes us actually want to be enslaved just as Orwell warned us would happen someday.

1984 has passed us some time ago, yet its implications only began to become visible when in 2001 a false-flag known as 9/11 made everybody believe that “radical Islam” (read Muslims in general) had to be stamped-out –- like the Communist Soviets before them — just as Israel and the United States and the war industries wished more than anything else. See WTC7.Net.

Therefore, all of us have been hoodwinked into accepting that our own government and their hidden authoritarian structures, under the guise of planetary stewardship, have led us into the arena of the Surveillance State and perpetual war in order to justify today’s fundamentally bankrupt political-economy; and, the political-media class is its most useful agent.

Major motion pictures, advertisements, commercial sports, and even video games are now conditioning humankind to actively seek the enslavement Orwell presaged.. On this ‘animal farm’ there is no collectivism however, for the only collective mind is the hive mind of pre-programmed ideas such as those Neil Peart and Rush referred to in their classic tune Subdivisions. “Opinions are provided. The future pre-decided. Detached and subdivided in the mass-production zone.”

Media today (90% of it) is the mass production of manufactured consent and a post-primacy narrative that wants you to believe you can continue with business-as-usual come hell or high-water. It is precisely this underlying, Plutonian narrative that confronts America and humanity as a whole (since America sets the tone of global conversation these days), leaving us to wonder whether we can avoid any of our shadows or denials any longer.

Some of the most pernicious false-narratives of the day now competing for our total attention are as follows:

  • Russian bots, trolls, GRU agents, and official Russian state propaganda are now influencing US elections to such a degree that we have to call some of our most progressive leaders “Russian assets” and decry socialism as equivalent to communism when corporate welfare is the greatest form of socialism in the world today.

  • Ukraine had a ‘democratic revolution’ when it was really a NATO/CIA backed coup which gave Russia total justification to annex Crimea, a shared territory to which they had full right of access and where their entire Black Sea fleet was-based; therefore, it was a military imperative not an act of aggression. Not one person died in the peaceful transition of power in Crimea and yet Russia’s punishment has been to become the pariah of all nations.

  • It was perfectly justified and rational to move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem when really this was the most provocative and least peaceloving act the United States could have ever perpetrated against the Palestinian people. Therefore, it is truly Orwellian to then approach the Palestinians with a peace-offering or ‘peace plan’ when we have really just thrown them completely under the bus as far as the two-state solution is concerned. A Zero Diplomacy policy begs for war.

  • Julian Assange, Glenn Greenwald, and Chelsea Manning are all guilty of exposing the dark underbelly of the beast and therefore must be punished because we cannot afford to let the mass believe these deep state secrets may be openly published or offered for general consumption. If these official shenanigans were better-known, there would be no such thing as ‘conspiracy theory’ anymore. For, all of us would know that conspiracy is real. We ignore the fate of Julian Assange at our peril if we are journalists for, none of us will be permitted to speak truth-to-power again without persecution if not prosecution for our acts of professional reportage.

  • A Woman is not defined as an Adult Human Female and people are being banned permanently from social media for daring to talk about the loss of sex-based rights. Children are being ‘transitioned’ before puberty and a wholesale shift in social discourse will soon mean women have effectively no rights. Many lesbians want out of the LBTGQ category because of these developments.

  • The terms “Social Justice Warrior” and ‘woke’ no longer mean what you may think they mean.

Media is now politics by another means. Indeed, it is also business by another means, just as war has become, because the consumer society (attention economy) fuels the debt-based structures of graft and unlawful leverage the financial elite use to rule and run-roughshod over all of us. Yet, we fully subscribe to this mode of existence because we have been fed the story, and daily it is reinforced, that we are evolving as a culture and species, that our so-called civilization is very advanced, and that we could never afford to reformulate it along more fundamentally equitable lines because we need to defend what we have against destruction. Well, the problem is: capitalism is destruction.

Capitalism is distraction. Nature gives us everything for free and yet we are told we must pay a toll at every gate in order to experience this natural abundance. This is an historically impossible imposition foisted upon all of our lives that no one can ever hope to uphold much beyond the present crisis-of-days now facing us with extinction.

The political media class is wedded to the ruling class. Indeed they are indistinguishable at this time in history because if you want to know how you are supposed to think, you need to consume as much mainstream television and major newsprint as possible and then you won’t even have to question reality at all. “Opinions are provided, the future pre-decided.”

Please know the revolution will not be televised… Therefore, if you feel one revolutionary spark in your being, ignore the political-media that is being forced down your throat daily! Instead, cultivate a repertoire of alternative media from sources such as the following:

Consortium News

Redacted Tonight

Gray Zone

Caitlin Johnstone

Ray McGovern

Abby Martin

Aaron Maté

Matt Taiibi

Krystal Ball

Lee Camp

Black Agenda Report

Chris Hedges (On Contact)

Michael Hudson

Mark Crispin Miller

Richard Wolff

Read it and weep!

“Make it easy on yourself, don’t do nothing!” – Sting, This War

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Why I am the best hope for Humanity.

In the Aquarian Age, we are all asked to search our souls for the answer to our self-precipitated World Crisis. I have discovered I am the answer.

Indeed, everyone may come to this same conclusion, and as long as it is not a purely ego-driven conviction that excludes the mass of humanity’s greater contribution, we are totally justified in claiming our overarching purpose as The Solution.

Anything less is an abdication of Sovereignty. This essential choice of true freedom is tantamount to suicide should it be denied at any instant.

This statement may be my last blog-post on the matter, for announcing to the world such an unfaltering confidence and overarching faith in oneself borders upon blasphemy.  The prevailing ‘Cult of Egoism‘ makes claiming our full power politically problematic, yet here are several tenets that are essential to the discipline of New Thought required to be a psychologically and emotionally whole person without the taint of ego:

  1.  There is only one of us here

  2.  Time is the animating force of all consciousness (shared perception), action and physical reality.

  3.  There is no distance between any of the elements of Creation as all life is one contiguous whole.

  4. All phenomena are simultaneously and unanimously affected by the quantum force of Time such that none have a separate existence nor ever could they have.

The world is going through a crisis at this time because Time itself has ordained it. We didn’t create it, for it is creating us. Such a realization puts the shoe on the other foot, so to speak. In other words, without knowing the transpersonal dynamics of the quantum field in which we are immersed and of which we are composed, none of us could ever have a hope of pronouncing one intelligible syllable of political worth or revolutionary significance.

What people are indeed coming to realize is that consciousness itself is the only variable in the universe. Great leaders of the new thought revolution like Buddha knew this intrinsically. While each of us may or may not be capable of enlightenment, the entire universe is composed of this unfettered substance. In time, all wrinkles in consciousness will be smoothed like the shorelines beaten by wind, rain and waves. Yet in the meantime, we are just hapless creatures seeking an answer to our greatest dilemma which is a fundamental unhappiness we continue to perpetuate for all concerned.

This is why we are all equally guilty in this endgame scenario where the whole world is being put on the chopping block and all of our lives are expendable in the name of rampant consumerism. The reason I am free of the taint of ego is that I don’t care about my own life anymore, and yet I’ve had to become terribly selfish in order to survive. This is the great dilemma of history: the hyper individualism that now dominates where tribe was once the ordering principle of society.

The technological age has bequeathed us this legacy of insular existence and “fake news,” a deeply sinister manipulation of our consciousness by dark forces we ourselves unleashed upon the mind we share. Although the Internet is arguably a Proto-Noosphere that heralds the day when humans can share information without batting an eyelash, these instrumentalities have began to interfere with the social fabric in such a way that nobody really knows what’s true anymore.

…and so when I pronounce that I am the solution, I’m not talking about my ego. I am saying that the force of my own consciousness, untethered from the bonds of earthly identification, has made it necessary for me to put myself in harm’s way. For everyone knows that leaders are reviled on this planet and can never really succeed fully in realizing their aims before someone snuffs them out like a candle flame. Yet what if we were not the flame but the moth this time? What if humankind cannot any longer count upon a savior to restore the balance? What if there is only an endgame afoot?

This endgame doesn’t mean the end. In fact it means the end of the beginning. Many have said that history is now ending because everyone is creating their own reality. Well, as a solutioneer, indeed the solution itself in my own eyes, I can only tell you that to elucidate the nature of reality is the solution to physics, economics, philosophy, psychology, and even politics.

Here is how I intend to help make the hyper-individualistic tendencies of our planet become so pronounced that people will realize the futility of government and rulership altogether.

Metaphysics, a highly under-valued discipline, dictates clearly that anything we resist shell persist. Therefore the divisions within humanity are natural and necessary to the fruition of our highest aims. We think we need to cure society by bringing everyone into oneness, yet this would be the worst thing of all we could ever hope for. Indeed it is not a solution. Just like hydrogen is not a source of energy for it needs to be made from water. Even electricity is only a natural source if it is tapped directly, not by artificial means. As an electrical being — a male human — I am allowed to exercise my right to declare the universe free of of all tyranny. Some would call this ‘spiritual bypass’ yet it is also true that through our intent we can alter the shape of reality.

Now here’s why I am one of the most important men to have ever lived. I realize it is only my magnetic potential informing the very roots of Will that allows me to realize my electrical force field. Magnetism is the Will. The crisis of the collective will is what afflicts us today. It begins with the individual. Each and every one of us is a Will center, like a gravity-well, that cannot exist without the zero-point at its core. This is the feminine pole of existence. It informs all of existence. Men do not need to resist being told they are guilty of patriarchal attitudes and behaviors, for every single person on the planet who has not realized their Yin-center, the purity of Will itself, is an equal participant in the patriarchy.

The ultimate realization of my self-marriage and integration of all this wisdom and metaphysical knowledge is that I will soon be able to manifest the highest orders of scientific and spiritual power on earth. This seething ocean of potentiality rests at the base of all our lives. I am not special in this regard, only that I have decided firmly to own, embrace, and actualize it distinguishes me in any way.

In an era when people are actually forgetting what male and female means biologically, and sex-based rights are being replaced with gender-based rights, our world is in for a heap of trouble. People do not realize that women are now losing all of their rights entirely, which means humanity is disowning the feminine center of society. This is akin to the Burning Times when women by the millions were tortured and executed for their key role in holding society together. Because this is happening again today, we are all under threat. And yet we blithely worship the freedom of choice embodied in these new laws and cultural memes. The dire scope of the Orwellian nightmare now unfolding on planet earth strikes me as something we must ultimately address, yet it must certainly play itself out much further than it has before we can even see what we are doing to ourselves.

Even as I prepare to launch my second campaign for President of the so-called United States, something I am extremely loathe to do, I think of it as the only solution when all the world’s power is concentrated in the hands of the very few, and this is to insinuate myself directly into the middle of that conversation. This is precisely why I say that my new goal in life is to increase the amount of hyper-individualization available to humans because this is the path of freedom we are all trying to create for ourselves secretly while we preach ‘unity’ which is not what any of us really want. We want the illusion of unity while preserving as many freedoms as possible, yet the only way to do this is to give everyone ultimate freedom.

So here is the coup de grace, the pièce de résistance, and the fait accompli that all of us now have to confront since I have been born into your midst…

I am an inventor and physicist who has an entire notebook full of future devices that will allow every human being to have ultimate power over everything in their world. This power includes the power to erect force shields around anyone and everyone you care about that cannot be penetrated by anything including deadly solar rays or nuclear radiation. Bullets will not penetrate, nor will any who are unfriendly or unhealthy to your life. These technologies will also allow you to create your own living situation on any planet or territory you find pleasing including under the ocean, inside the earth, or in another galaxy. I happen to believe humans are already totally free. These technologies could not have manifested into my own brain if this were otherwise. Therefore, all that remains is for us to claim the prize of total freedom from limitation that now stands before us in the person of one Andrew Sullivan Mount.

If we cannot embrace Andrew as the solution, or we don’t think he is anything other than a pathological narcissist, then we have failed the test. Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory is open to the public and yet everyone just mills around outside wondering who lives there. No golden tickets needed. Just a little waking consciousness to see that the way we are going requires free energy and therefore Andrew to be its maven.

This is just an example of how anyone and everyone can embrace themselves as the solution. I’m not the only solution; just saying I am indeed a real solution. Now, this is a partially metaphysical reality until it is a fully actual one. So, I need you and you need me. Again, my sociological imagination is so great that I can see how we will all soon save ourselves together, and yet I don’t really see how we can save everyone unless they want to save themselves also. Therefore it is not my role to impose salvation upon this world, but merely to offer it. I do not intend to charge money for my free energy devices but to give them away for free. Therefore I am currently looking for a philanthropist and/or social entrepreneur ready to help me grow the new economy where everything is free and nobody pays for anything. (And of course, there are no rulers.) If you don’t like this idea and think that the elite framework of top-down power and reverse trickle-down economy is the way to go, then I’ll see you in the arena because once I do manifest this technology I will influence the world narrative like no one ever has in history.

If you care to be on this team, join me now!

Andrew S. Mount

Cosmologist and Creator

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Open Letter to President Vladimir Putin

Mr. Putin: I would like to apologize on behalf of my entire country for the way we have been attacking Russia unjustifiably for some many years now. Especially how NATO has overstepped its charter in Ukraine, Saudi Arabia has waged our worst proxy war against Iran in Yemen, and Syria, your historic ally, is also now engulfed in war. Thank you for your role in trying to defuse these situations, and that most brazen of coup-attempts in Venezuela! I am very scared that my country actually chooses chaos over order so that they can snap up the rest of the world for themselves. I believe in the multipolar, not a unipolar worldview, just as you do.

I would also like to advise you that I have developed free energy and antigravity technologies which I would prefer be turned into a Sputnik to be flown over the heads of this backward nation, just as the space race was inaugurated in the past. Only a space race will make America’s fragile ego feel like it needs to change from a warmongering civilization to one of progressive ideas and human development. Right now, I am afraid my country has already launched World War III, continuing its habitual hubris of cheating humanity of its destiny. Can you help me with my dilemma?

I have also noticed that the general trend of fascist neoliberalism/neoconservatism is taking over even local community institutions as everyone has more or less become a conservative in this nation and there is no true revolutionary spirit afoot. Therefore I would like to request asylum in your nation as soon as possible — please grant this to me immediately.

Many Thanks for Your Generous Consideration,

Andrew Mount


PS Some of us have analyzed this whole ‘Russia-gate’ phenomenon and found it to be completely bunk, baseless propaganda driven originally and most vocally by Hillary Clinton herself. Here is evidence from my own radio show that proves this (see below). When I try to present this information to the neoliberals in this town where I live (Ashland, Oregon), supposedly a bastion of progressivism, people turn on me and try to take me down like a tall poppy. You see, no one wants their bubble of propagandistic delusion burst because America is so good at poisoning the people’s minds that even the most ‘liberal’ among us have become right-wingers. What a masterful stroke!

Hence my request for asylum.

I have come to understand the meaning of the phrase, “A prophet has no friends in his own country“.

Ray McGovern on Russiagate Fraud

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Life in an Age of Systemic Decline

Western civilization has never really crystallized. Indeed it is a myth. From day one, the landed gentry ran roughshod over all the peoples’ rights, not just minorities but also the poorer classes. The catalog of crimes against the common people that we ourselves have allowed to be perpetrated upon us continues to grow unabated today. Indeed, the entire fabric of human society is coming apart at the seams now at the close of this great debacle…

So we ask ourselves: how am I to navigate when everything I have been taught about how to prosper is actually deleterious to the health of all our fellow creatures? How can we continue to pretend that there is a way to redeem capitalism in its current form at all? And can we finally recognize that climate change is not our greatest threat, but the denial of our own complicity in pitched warfare against our brethren?

If you are comfortable today, it probably means one of the following things happened to you: you were trained to see the world as your oyster and have never flinched from the prospect that you might actually win the game of life, and therefore your determinism has allowed you to sidestep a number of ethical pitfalls that would’ve otherwise dissuaded you in your ambition to be “well off”. Or you managed to achieve a level of functionality with your relative wealth so you can defend your actions as a member of the capitalist matrix because you are “making a contribution” or “striving to be part of the solution”. When we tell ourselves these stories, we may perhaps be engaging in a form of pathological narcissism and ultimate denial of our self-fulfilling global deathwish culture that now dominates planet earth.

Yet the truth is, only a very small margin of people on this planet can claim such a blessed state of affluence and the responsibilities incumbent upon them to be the change are truly historic in consequence. Because of the upward migration of capital into the hands of the few, almost all of the under-classes are now entirely bereft of resources, both democratic and material means, to fundamentally alter the existing system of global hegemony and slavery of the common interest to the dictates of corporate capitalism. And it is this disparity in the cultural framework of society that is leading us to an early demise as a species.

Not only this: if one does just a little bit of research, it can be seen that the major sources of capital in this world are striving actively deepen the divide between rich and poor, creating such a gross polarity within the political economy that will keep people fighting amongst themselves instead of discovering how to dismantle the matrix.

In a ‘post-primacy’ world where authoritarian skulduggery is the normative feature of daily life, We the People are not in a very good position. Yes we can go out on the streets in protest for months-on-end as has happened in France recently and yes, perhaps some negotiated settlement can be reached with the power structure/power elite. However the ruling class has no intention of disenfranchising itself. Indeed the false propaganda that is being spread today leads people to believe there is any hope of changing the dominant paradigm through traditional political action. This is a deadly ruse.

Instead, one must learn to adopt the stance that all of us will soon be disenfranchised under the rule of such a conspiracy of greed that today we should all, each and every one of us, withdraw our moral and material support for such a system.

It’s not only about confronting the realities of climate disruption and economic instability, but seeing that the least among us is the greatest. Without taking steps to uplift those at the bottom rungs of society, not merely as a charitable act, but as our very livelihood – we will see a further decline in the collective human condition. Not to mention runaway extinction scenarios that have already made us humans worse than a meteor strike in terms of our global impact.

So this does not turn into a rant or ungrounded polemic, we must reach a seminal conclusion as to what are the most strategic steps to forestall an historic collapse of our very lives under the watch of unbridled, unrepentant fascistic forces with whom we are currently collaborating by believing anything the corporate media tells us.

What is clear about our current predicament is that time is of the essence. Each day we continue to do the same things we’ve done the day before, especially centered around the automobile as our economic engine of so-called “progress,” is another day we have wasted in turning the tide. If we wish to build a new world, it must come from healing the crisis of the collective will. Yet first, the collective conscience must be prepped and piqued by something other than the threat of our imminent demise or the rise of oligarchs and demagogues.

This author suggests we abandon all conventional systems of thought and start fresh. In other words, identity politics, environmentalism, progressive and/or conservative politics, economic theory, conventional physics & medicine, and any form of ideology that has been tried before should be summarily rejected. The new matrix will be one in which only relationship matters. Only conversation matters; as long as we’re still talking and haven’t closed off to one another, then there’s hope. Yet where polarity predominates, then diabolical forces can move in and destroy all hope for a better world.

It is most important overall to stop feeding the monster of consumerism, minimize all personal expenditures on corporate crap, and end our addiction to media entertainments, for otherwise mainstream ideology will continue to be foisted upon us by unassuming mouthpieces of Fascism like good old Walt Disney Corporation.

One day there will be another world. There will be a lot fewer humans in it, unfortunately. For we are set to experience a global famine in the next 25 years that will kill up-to 5-billion people. This is only a token contribution that humans can make for having caused the sixth great mass-extinction. In other words, it is an appropriate atonement. Your life and mine are both under immediate threat. For the ecosystems that support and public lands that belong to us all are now considered corporate-captured, just like our minds and hearts. You may not like it and you may blast all sorts of vitriol about it on Facebook, yet sadly we aren’t really doing anything to change these trends. Even protesting is not enough at this stage.

So, as the sun sets upon the capitalist empire, we cannot walk blithely into that light yet must turn our backs entirely on the beauty of its decadence and ‘freedoms’ we prize so highly that we are willing to turn the world upside down for our own gain. Maybe, once our depravity has become undeniable, we will get a clue. But for now the train is still running away (with us on it) with no breaks, and a great big bend in the track just ahead threatens oblivion. How much longer will we consider taking this crazy ride before we jump to the ground though we fear it might kill us to do so? The train will careen wildly for a few more years before ultimately plunging is into catastrophe worse in scope than any social collapse heretofore experienced.

Are we ready to make a change?

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Revising Maslow

In the Aquarian age, priorities are shifted away from the narrow paradigm of self-interest to one of collective prosperity. Many moral theorists and worldly philosophers have long insisted that only the individual exists in a pre-eminent position of need and responsibility. The well-being of the whole is served, in their view, by self-responsible people who first address their own physical and spiritual requirements before thinking of the larger mass of sentient beings.

Indeed the potency of survival-oriented memes and mindsets has now dominated the world spirit. Capitalism is merely a frenzied survivalist escapade. And it has left us without the ancestral memory of what it takes to build a world that serves all, since capitalism is a competitive not a compassionate model.

Maslow, similar in aspect to Adam Smith, suggests that by putting first things first, i.e. the survival basics, then we can readily build all of our other social and spiritual fulfillments upon this essential foundation.

Whereas, the planet faces a grave crisis of the collective will. Thus, individual subsistence has little or nothing to do with the calamity we are bringing upon ourselves.

In fact, our hyper-individualistic focus upon the acquisitiveness encouraged by capitalistic forces has made humankind into a hard-hearted race of materialistic predators akin to a cancer on the Earth. What is the prescription for this malaise of consciousness that leaves us questioning our very future?

Why are our children bussed-off-to-school ostensibly to learn how to operate within a system that cannot possibly serve them going forward? For if we really had a grasp of our present condition, this would be eschewed. Instead a broad-based ethics curriculum would take the place of the 3Rs and children would grow up examining their world instead of trying to fit someplace within it. Why do we not realize that the current jobs crisis and the ‘millennial gap’ are very much a function of the resulting deep disaffection felt throughout the leading-edge of our society?

Artists have always known when it was time for civilization to re-examine itself as a whole. Maybe this is the perennial activity of humankind… However, in a time such as ours, we have no choice but to all-of-us become social artists discovering for ourselves what works when everything seems to fall apart.

Maslow was not wrong that each individual is responsible for understanding his or her place in the social order. However, when hyper-individuation has taken the place of ‘enlightened self-interest’ or the Common Good, then we are certainly standing on the threshold of a new Time for the species. Thus, without a new social compact, common vision, or other Ethos to replace the ‘invisible hand of the market’ a la Adam Smith and/or the manifest destiny prerogative of self-determination that seems to underline many western mores, we are surely doomed to a post-colonial dystopia characterized by declining quality-of-life for all. Hence, the fierce urgency of now…

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